Moira Raynor
Operations Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Raymond Hayes
Program Assistant
Madelyn Williams
Americorps Vista
Sarina Harley
Food Relief Program Assistant
Anna Guerra De Perez
Program Associate
Beverly Sazo
Program Associate
Kevin Isadore
Americorps Vista
Diane Peterson
Development & Administrative Assistant
Siobhan O’neill
Arts & Culture Program Director
Andrea Uguna
Office Assistant
Angie Haus
Client Support Specialist
Tessa Georgoulakos
Early Childhood Learning Specialist
Dale Leavay
Client Support Specialist
Tess Wonderling
Food Pantry Assistant/Culinary Program Instructor
Anne Kneuer
Director of Marketing & Director
Elizabeth Corwin
Early Childhood Learning Specialist
Daniella Menjivar
Senior Client Support Specialist
Kevin O’Shea
Mobile Food Pantry Driver
Karina Hayes
Food Relief Program Manager
Cathy Demeroto
Executive Director
Maureen Rogers
Administrative Assistant
Erica Steindl
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Photos: Madison Fender Photography

Board of Directors

Marc Sokol – President
Peter Treiber, Sr.  – Vice President
Steve Hannan  – Treasurer
 Rona Smith – Secretary
David Austin
Bridget Elkin
Mark Gagen
Betsy Liegey
Maria McBride
Stephanie McEvily
Arthur Skelskie
Susan Somerville
Royal Tuthill